Opening Friday 9/28

Ugh! Our walk-in cooler compressor died on us!! Luckily we were able to scramble around and get everything into different coolers. Unfortunately we have not been able as many ingredients as we wanted to in, nor did we have the cooler space to put dough, so practice has been far more limited than we hoped. Our oven has also had a few more quirks to it than we anticipated (no steam when we want it, lots when we don’t) but we’re getting them figured out, fine tuning, and starting to get delicious & beautiful breads!

We are sorry to have gotten everyone’s hopes up yet again, but we will not be able to open until Friday, September 28th. We’re getting all the kinks worked out of the system and establishing our daily routines, but with the loss of practice time this week, we just can’t commit to opening Tuesday.

We can’t wait to get open & we’re working as hard as we can to get everything ready for the big day! Stop in & see us for fresh baked bread, pastries, bagels and more, we can’t wait to see you!

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