It’s American Chocolate Week! And what better way to celebrate, than with the Boston-born Chicago-born, American favorite: Brownies!

Everyone loves brownies. People are passionate about brownies. Cake-like or fudgy, nuts or no nuts, brownies or blondies, cocoa brownies or chocolate brownies? There are many variations, and we’ve found that people are rather… vocal as to their favorite varieties, and as to why their version is superior. All important perspectives to factor in when choosing the right brownie recipe for the bakery. Personally, I think that brownies should be fudgy (if I wanted cake, I would make cake!) and nut free (is that a walnut interrupting my chocolate bliss???). My father, and head baker, Frank, completely and totally disagrees with me, “it should have a little lightness to it, and the nuts just enhance that chocolate, you can’t have a brownie without nuts!” Hmm. This may be quite a challenge.

We did both agree whole heartedly on one aspect. They must be chocolate brownies. Not cocoa brownies. Having had one too many chalky, dry, non-chocolatey, disappointing brownies in the past, we put our foot down. Cocoa was out, chocolate was in. So we began recipe testing. (Our jobs are very rough)

Chocolate Brownie Making

We had a giant bar of chocolate, and a very reputable recipe. We measured  and melted and mixed and waited… and Waited (you cannot rush brownies, they take their own time) These were going to be amazing. These were going to make up for the awful brownies we’ve ever had!  These… were disappointing. They were good… but they just weren’t Brownies.  Hmm… what to do now?

So we set out to find a new recipe, to try something else.  We searched and searched, and then we stumbled upon “The Best Ever Cocoa Brownies” and we were skeptical. But it promised to change our minds about cocoa brownies. So we measured and melted and mixed and waited. (The waiting was much harder this time) Slowly the bakery was completely engulfed in an intoxicating aroma of chocolate, the unmistakable scent of brownies! We pulled them out of the oven and couldn’t wait to try them! But brownies must cool for what feels like an eternity. (I highly suggest finding an activity far away from the cooling brownies) Finally they were cool enough to cut! The anticipation was killer, were our expectations too high? No! They were everything we wanted from them and more! They WERE amazing. They DID make up for all of those awful brownies of the past! We found the Village Bakery’s new brownie recipe!

Cocoa Brownie Magic

As far as fudgey brownies vs cakey brownies… as head baker, Frank gets to be the expert on croissant flakey-ness, cinnamon roll swirls and all things bread, but brownies? Brownies are mine. And fudge brownies are really the only way to go. Walnuts? I suppose we could compromise on those.

So now that I have my perfect, decadent brownie, I’m off to find some ice cream to put on top and drizzle hot fudge all over everything! Enjoy!

-Emily (Brownie expert)

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  1. My mom got me hooked on Alton Brown’s version of fudge brownies. When I have that craving, nothing else will do! It’s the salt that really puts it over the edge.

  2. I hate to burst your brownie, but it is well-documented that brownies were first created in Chicago as a part of the World’s Fair Columbian Exposition in1893.

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