A Finger Lakes Bakery Marks the Difference Between Artisan and Commercial

When looking at bread, most people think of the loaf of white bread they have sitting on their counter. That loaf looks much like the loaf their parents bought 20 years ago. It is usually a white loaf of bread, very soft, and somewhat tasty. But, the taste of a loaf of bread from a commercial bakery is not the same as what you would experience at your local artisan bakery. In fact, the entire experience of the artisan loaf is completely different from what you would get from any commercial loaf of bread. Look at what a Finger Lakes bakery can do.

The commercial loaf of bread goes through a very generic process that does not vary much from one bread making company to another. The vast majority of bread sold in the United States is white. This type of bread is made with refined flour among other ingredients. The flour goes into a mixer where a machine adds other ingredients including yeast and warm water. This combines to form the first run of dough. After rising, the machines then begin creating loaf sized parcels of dough that go into bread pans to rise a second time. After the second rise, the bread goes into the oven. It comes out with a uniform brown crust with the insides soft and white. Every loaf looks like the next one. It is definitely not what you would get in a Finger Lakes bakery.

An artisan bakery also uses machines to do their job. But, the machines play a secondary role instead of doing most of the work. The four main ingredients in most artisan breads are flour, water, salt, and yeast. The flour can be refined, wheat, rye, and many other types. The choice of flour gives the artisan the ability to create unique flavors and textures. The baker uses a mixer to get the ingredients mixed. At that point, though, the dough goes out onto a board and the baker takes over. Each loaf is an individual work of art. Even out of the same batch of dough, there is no loaf that will look like another.

If you live around the Montour Falls area of New York, then finding a good artisan bakery is a natural part of life. With such a quaint small town, you will find the experience of a Finger Lakes bakery is the perfect touch.

So try some of our local Finger Lakes artisan bread.
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